Had a pretty good day today. Feel like I'm getting on track again. Getting out of treatment was starting out pretty rough, but I think things are starting to go the way God wants. I asked him for help the other day, and he's comming through as always, when I co-operate with him. I got up and vacumed the place and tried taking care of myself. It seems pretty easy to just let things go. Like eating breakfast. In treatment I ate very good each day. I always had a bowl of raisen bran cereal with yogurt on top, orange juice and coffee, and sometimes toast. But I find that hard to keep up. I still have cereal and yogurt, but it seems like I have to push myself harder to keep it up. I am eating pretty well. I still have three meals a day, and take my vitamines. I like the weight I was able to get back while I was there, and I don't want to lose that again. Took a lot to get that back after those damned pain killers. I painted downstairs for awhile in the morning. Clarence came in with some beer. He had a hangover from drinking with the other guys last night. I caught my crazy mind thinking that a beer would go good, but I know that's a lie. Imagine that. Seeing someone sick and hung over, and thinking a beer would be good. There was the noon meeting to go to, so I thought I better do that, and I did. Painting and work can just damned well wait from now on. I've learned that my recovery has to come first no matter what now. That last bought with drinking made me realize that it just wants to kill me, and it will if I let it. I even talked abit at the meeting. Didn't really want to, but I know I need to push myself. After the meeting I went back to paint and crazy Karl was there. He got me pissed off. He started his crazy screaming like some nut and saying things a hundred miles an hour. He gets crazy like that. Actually if I'm really honest about it, that kind of craziness scares me, and it did. So I got mad and told him off. I don't like doing that, and I have been trying to be polite and patient with him, but he just has to be told sometimes. After Bob asked me to paint Karl's ceiling. I went in his room to see what needed done and I see some lady's panties hanging up on the wall. I told him to make sure he put those away, and he went off again. I was laughing, and Bob was trying to keep a straight face. Someone else I might think more seriously about it, but Karl I know is harmless about this. Mayby he just likes them, I don't know. He's just a harmless nut, that does nutty things. I got his ceiling painted, and the door too. Then for about the next two hours he keeps asking me every five minutes if the doors dry. What a guy. Tomorow I have to do his walls now, so that should be another fun day. I met some people at the C.A. meeting last night that said they were doing a step study at their house. I got their number and address, and went tonight. It wasn't far. I really enjoyed it. We talked, went through some of the book and had some laughs at how crazy we can be with our addictions. I've been looking for this type of thing ever since comming to Kitchener. It was great. They seem more centered on recovery, and I want that. They told me about this other meeting on Thursday night and said I could come if I wanted. I'm going to go. It's another step study meeting, and A.A. It sounds like just what I need. Thank you God.