Boy, I'm so tired. Paul is trying to get all he can out of me before I go, but I'm not getting some things done that I need too. He's going to have to take care of some things. I want to see someone tomorow night before I go to. I'll just tell him I'm finished at six, and he has to drive me there. We were back at the lady who moved into a nightmare. I feel so sorry for her. The place is still upsidedown. She's a really good lady, and I try to do an extra good job, but Paul try's to rush things so much that it's hard. I really don't like being rushed like that. I like doing a proper job. Anyway, it's good to know I always have a job with him, and when I finish treatment. Thats a good  thing. I saw something so sweet tonight. I went into one of the rooms I painted upstairs, and in the closet was three tiny new born kittens. They were so tiny. I loved them. Later I showed Paul and the mother was there feeding them. I didn't stay long that time because the mother was nervouse of us, but that really made my night. Cats really are cool. I love the ways they are. So just them. Well, time for bed. Thank you Lord for everything.