Feeling a little worn out the past couple of days. Went to Halton House on Friday. Everything went well. Just need to get my probation orders sent there. So I most likely will be going pretty soon. He gave me a date on August the twentyeth to call. It was a long trip there. Had to take the Greyhound and Go buses, and then a lot of walking. It was very hot that day too. Seeing the place brought back lots of memories. People I knew, people that have died, things I shared, and my wife. Robin was a good person to talk to. He's been through recovery too, so he understands. I still feel very scared tho. I know it's all for good. I really don't have anything to lose, and all to gain. I think what scares me is facing life again. I've noticed more and more lately trying to hide from that. Feeling more and more like I just want to hide away, and for things to just go away. Even going on here to journal seems like I have to push myself. I have all these awful feelings of being a phoney, and letting people down. Anyway, I have to work. That's a good thing. It's not good sitting here with those feelings going on.