Things seem to be going not bad. Could always be better, but it isn't bad. Been working a lot, and started doing a bible study that deals with addictions. Hopeing to find my freedom through it. I know that can only come from God. I've settled down from the Sheldon experiance. Just try to forgive everything and move on. I don't want to spend anymore time being angry, or wanting to get even. Just takes up time that could be spent better ways. Been working for Bob and Paul a lot. That's going good, except they get me doing a lot of repeat work. They tell me to paint places, then decide the colour isn't good, and then want me to paint again. Good for me tho. Keeps me busy. Stiil going ahead for treatment plans, but I am having a lot of second thoughts about it. Sometimes I'm just not sure if I want to completly quit drinking. I would like to, but sometimes i want that quit and calm feeling I get from a couple of beers, but I know that can always get out of hand and lead to other problems, so it is gambling with my life. I still let Bob hang onto my money. It's been good that way. There have been times when I just know I would have been stupid had I had any, so it's a good thing letting them hang onto it. I get a little from them to get what I need and that's it. Seem to be getting pretty busy in the mornings on the computer since starting my study. Paul doesn't usually call to pick me up until after ten, so that's kind of good. Gives me time to do what I need to to start my day. things just seem to be settling down for me now. Jimmy and Jet are fine and getting along well. When Jimmy gets fiesty and jumps on Jett, she gives it back to him so he doesn't get out of hand. Not much else right now. Seems like a bit of a boring life, but it's alright. Could always be worse. I feel glad that i have a place, work, and my cats. Still always feel lonely, even when I'm with people, but it's better when I work. That helps so much, and I am thankfull for Bob and Paul for providing that. Thank you God.