Things are going good. Paul and Bob are helping me out with lots of work. I really love painting. It's getting me back in good shape too. All my muscles are strong again. I have my weight back. Dillon seen me today and was so impressed. Last time he saw mw was when I was comming off the pain killers, and just skin and bones. I feel good these days. Sheldon is in deep shit. i phoned Children's aid and told them everything he's been doing. I've never done that, and don't like to, but I thought everything over, and Sheldon is a horible fayjer that puts his kid at risk too much. He only has him for the money. Dillon and I talked everything over today. Sheldon was lieing to him too, and took money from him to. He phoned tonight and left a message on my answering machine saying that he was going to tell my probation officer about my drinking. I already told her. I tell her everything and she tries to help. We both decided that treatment was a good idea. He left all kinds of things on the recording. He says he's had 15 times that children's aid has talked to him, as if that means he's a pro with them. What a jerk. I thought to myself, " Boy, 15 times, they must really have a good file on this one."  What a jerk. Tries to threaten that he's going to do this and that. Hell, I'm just starting with him. Tomorow I'm going to the police station and file a chrage of theft for the money he stole. I was talking to Bob my landlord too. Bob said he asked for recepts of $650.00 a month for rent so he could get more from welfare. Told Bob he would pay him $50.00 extra. Well, that's fraud. He was paying me only four hundred, so lets see him explain this one. I am enjoying this now. I know they say we shouldn't be revengefull, but this is one goof that I really don't mind going to town with. He's done this with other people too I've learned. Well, he fucked with the wrong person this time. Even Dillon told him today. He said that James might seem layed back, and struggles with his addictions. He said that I was a good guy, but when you fuck with me, watch out, and that is the truth. Especially people that I let live with me, and try to give them a break. Steal from me, I'll write you off completly. Anyway, aside from that nonsense, Jimmy has a girlfrind now. I was comming home on King St last night and saw this cate that seemed stressed out about sonething. Seemed like she was lost or hungry. She was crying out loud. I went to her and called her. After a bit she came to me and let me pick her up. She started purring right away. I carried her home and she didn't fuss or fight me. I thought I really don't want another cat, but I thought I would feed her and then see what happens. She was hungry. I knew Jimmy would make a little stink about it, and he did at first, until he realized that it was a she. Then he wouldn't take his eyes off her. Just watched her all night. A couple of spits here and there, but nothing major. She seemed pretty friendly and well manered. She mostly hid ubnder the bed or couch, but came out to eat a couple of times and didn't let Jimmy scare her. She seemed pretty calm, but wonders what Jimmy's problem is. I showed her the cat box and she used it. Jimmy got upset at that and started growling a bit, but otherwise they were alright. No fights or anything. She's just keeping her distance from Jimmy right now. Otherwise things are going good. I feel much better now about everything. Things are going to be alright. Thank you Lord.