Three in the morning, and can't sleep again. Been three days since I stopped taking the Seraquil. It's not really too bad tho. I couldn't sleep last night either until around five in the morning. Got up around seven thirty, but felt alright. Just kinda really bugs me that my head won't stop thinking. Thinking all sorts of things. got a lot of bad thoughts about Sheldon going on right now. I'm assuming that it's just mind thinking shit. I gave Sheldon $250.00 the other day to hang onto because I didn't want to get stupid with it and blow it. Before he left he said he gave it to Dillon to hold. there's no reason for me not to beleive him, but I had so much on my mind that I didn't even check with Dillon about it. I will do that tomorow for sure tho. It' just seems that there really is something strange about Sheldon. I started cleaning up some of his remnants, mostly from the fridge. Two huge garbage bags full already. Frigging guy puts empty cans in the fridge after using whatever. Just can't figure him out. He'll sit there and tell you all how much he cares and loves you, and then leave garbage all over like that. Just doesn't make sense to me. Wish i would have checked with Dillon, because it is bugging me now. Guy gets his cheque, and then all of a sudden has to go back to where he came from, that he said there was nothing there for him. Might be just me, and my tired mind working overtime, but I don't know. i don't think Dillon would have sent him to me in the first place if he couldn't be trusted, but then I don't even trust Dillon. I've caught him saying so many contradictory things that I don't bother much with him. I did talk to him today tho, and I suppose things are alright. Like I say, it's most likely my mind working overtime right now. I don't trust anyone hardley in Kitchener. Got my landlord trying to extort money. That's funny in a way. Hope I'm laughing tomorow. Feeling bad too everytime I'm with Jimmy. His home and everything will be turned upsidedown soon. He seems so happy here. Always purring and wanting to kiss. Glad I'm writting this here. Most people would really think I'm nuts, but he is my only peace at times. When I go to bed just hearing him purr is comforting to me. Been through some hard stuff at times, but that little purr really helped to keep it together. Alright, I'm tired for sure. Sitting here at almost four writting about my cat purring. Seraquil please. Good night.