Woke up in a bad mood today. Had a headach and then Sheldon's kid starts with his whining and screaming. I try to keep quiet most times, because Sheldon just doesn't seem to get things when I try to say something. Not sure what's wrong with him, but he just doesn't think right. Mayby he just was never taught. I don't know. I took a bath anyway just to stay away from them. The noises from that kid sounds something like out of a movie like the gremlins or something. A real @#$$%#$#$%%@#$#!@%^$#. I really don't like him because he acts like such a spoiled brat. That might sound bad, but I'm sorry. I don't care for this type of thing. Just nonsense to me. My kids were never this way. They were taught things. Sheldon just doesn't know how to teach him properly. Anyway, when I finished bathing, I really didn't want to be around them, so I cleaned the washroom. Took me almost an hour. Frigging kids stuff all under the bathtub. I put all my colognes and stuff back the way I want it. I went to vacume, and of course Sheldon has it all full of garbage and stuff. And I had to look all over for the hose and attachments. It's a wet vac, and he thinks it's just magical and cleans itself. The filter had enough hair in it to supply the cancer society, so I cleaned that too. I did get mad at Sheldon and told him that he better start cleaning up and that it took me almost an hour just to clean the washroom. He's such an emotional dumbass tho, Starts vacuming the livingroom like he's cleaning. I felt like going out and digging up all the shit he doesn't get. Toys, and cereal under the couch. He kept trying to suck up to me. I didn't want nothing to do with him, and just kept cleaning. I cleaned the whole kitchen. Pulled out the stove and stuff. Should see the mess there. Kraft dinner boxes, egg cartons, food. It took all I could to not start freaking out on him. He apologized for things being in a mess, but I told him it better not happen again. The next time, he's going out. That's for sure. After he tried getting me to keep his kid in line. I told him no, and that it's his job to teach his kid. Not mine. Fuck he pisses me off. He is such a jerk. Found out the reason the van he was using broke down. Nobody ever checked the oil and it went empty. Now him and his friend are mad, and blaming each other about it. I think I have had enough of nuts for one day. I'm going out for awhile.