Work went well till about 2pm and then it started to rain. I was working by myself today. That was alright. I enjoyed the peice and quiet. Never heard from Cathy, so I guess thats it. Must have been more to it than what she said. I can't imagine this happening over a support group. Anyway, glad it happened early and I didn't get too involved to get hurt. I still wish her the best. She is a good lady. Time to move on. I'm thankful for my job too. Really helps to keep my mind ocupied and not get down over these things. Talked to my friend Jenn yesterday. She's such a sweetie. Wish I could go to the States and visit these people. I don't know how they get by there, but it seems better than here. Jenn has a two bedroom apartment, everything included, for $300.00 a month. She said it was 90 degrees there and she has 5 air coditioners going. How the heck do they do it? Seems like I'm working my ass off just to stay afloat. Payday is tomorow. Thank God. Boy can I ever use some money. I think I have about ten cents in my pocket. It's been a rough week. Scrounging just to make my lunches, but I've done good. I haven't gone hungry or anything. Actually I've been eating pretty healthy. Lots of Mangoes. Good thing i had so many. I really enjoy eating fruit at work. Seems to give me that energy I need. My boss got talking a bit yesterday. Actually him and his wife ask me a lot of questions. I suppose it's their way of getting to know you. I came out and told him that I am in A.A. and that I had a drinking problem. He didn't seem to mind, and he said his brother was one too. His brother paints too, but I figured him for an alcoholic when I seen him. All the signs were there, but it's alright. I guess they are alright with me having a criminal record. I handed in the paper last Friday, and I know they got it, so I guess things are all right. Like I said, this is Kitchener, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Anyway, that's one more thing off my shoulders. Things are getting better. Slowly, but surely. Thank you Lord for everything, especially the people here on D.S. Thank you.