Just got home from work, and feeling much better. I'm glad to have this job. It helps to keep my mind clear. I thought a lot about Cathy today. Wondering why that would happen, but it's probably because she'as been hurt a lot by guys. Although I'm not sure, but I'm thinking it's got to be along those lines. She was telling me about when she was getting back with her husband. She said he was talking all nice and there a lot, then one day stopped comming for no aparent reason. I can understand how hurtfull that is. She's been through abusive relationships too, and that doesn't help. Anyway, I started to feel very sorry for her, and the anger left. I really do hope for the best for her. She was a nice lady, that tried the only way she knew how. Sometimes this really is a big tuff world, and hard getting through it.. I really hope that God is taking care of her. Why couldn't we still be freinds? I don't understand that. i didn't speask with her or anything since the last time she dumped me telling me she was getting back with her husband. Then when he leaves she contacts me, and things seem good. Then I tell her I left a message on D.S. and she goes through my hugs and messages thinking like I'm involved with people. I don't even know what they look like. It's a freaking support group. God, is this stupid. I still care about her. She having treatments for cancer, and I really want to see her well. Now I can't even talk to her. Women can really fuck up a guys head. They really are from Venus I think. Oh well. Thank you Lord for helping me through this, and please take care of Cathy. Thank you. Amen.