I am a little tired today, but looking foreward to work. Had a good day yesterday. Went to Cathy's and she made a roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes. that was a real treat. We went for a walk in the woods by where she lives. That was nice too, accept all the garbage in it. Haven't done that since leaving Milton. Just about possitive now that I'm not going to go for treatment. Just don't feel that I want to lose everything and start over again. Not at this age of my life. Things can go good, if I stay on track. Hasn't been hard so far. I'm hoping that I'm just at that age where I feel it's enough. I do right now. Things can go good right now if I stay on track. The job can get better later with lots of money. I can start nce back. That would be big time. Wondering a bit about if I'm doing the right thing with Cathy. We talked some yestersday. I told her that of course my long range goal is to settle down and be with someone. I've wanted that for a long time, and I think I am at that age that I want to do that. We'll give it time tho. We just started seeing each other again, and I'm in the midst of picking myself up again. Way too early for anything definet, but at least it gives me some hope. Tomorow I want to go to the Tuesday A.A. meeting. I like that one much better. Not sure about the rest. Mayby in time I'll know or find more that I like. For now things are good. I'm keeping clean, and just taking things day by day. Thank you Lord.