Yesterday went well with work. Still pretty hard work, but I didn't drink or anything, so it was good. They gave me some papers to fill out. One question asked if I had ever been pardoned for any convictrion.  I was going to lie at first and say no, but then I thought this is a big company that does lots of work. What if they want me in a place that doesn't allow people with criminal records? So I decided after a bit, just to be honest. It said to describe your offenses. Shit, I have so many. How could I do that? So I just put down assault. I figure that's almost the most serious, so that's good enough for now. I'll see what happens next week when I put my papers and hours in. I'm sure in Kitchener I'm not the only one, but I made a decision when I started this job that I wasn't going to drink. So far I haven't. It's been easy not to. The hard work doesn't make me feel like drinking when I'm finished. I feel good now. Also when I got home. I came in and here's this young lady in my place with a baby girl on the floor and Stephan. I just said hello and walked past, but I felt pissed that Sheldon would do that. I took a bath right away and thought about it. It wasn't her fault, so I decided to just let it be. I introduced myself, and actually I knew her from her mother, but I don't think she remembered me. I went on the computer and noticed that she was really good with the kids. Stephan was behaving really well. Her baby girl was so cute. I talked a little with her, and she was really nice. I asked if Sheldon left anything to eat and she just said he told her to help herself to the fridge. I didn't think there was really anything there, so I made a pot of stew, but after she said she was a vegetarian. Anyway, the night went well. I got to sleep about nine and they didn't bother me much. She kept them quiet. Still not sure wheather to give sheldon shit over it. I don't want it a regular thing, but I don't want my place as a day care either. Anyway, gotta go to work. Lord please help me be the person you want me to be. Thank you