Today was a much better day. Went to my new job today, and enjoyed working very well. It was hard work tho. We were sanding the stain off wood. Frigging hard doing it all day on scaffold and a ladder, but it's the type of work I enjoy, just haven't done it for awhile. Going to be sore tomorow. For some reason I seem to do better when I have good hard work. Feels good when I'm tired and sore from a good days work, and I don't feel like drinking. The people at work seemed very nice too. All polite, and say good morning. The owner is very nice too. Not a jerk or anything, just very nice and respectful. I felt really good, partly because we were working outside. That was very nice. The sun was out, but it wasn't too hot. I like the time we start too. We start at seven in the morning, and finish at four thirty. The boss came today and asked if we wanted to keep going. I was all for it, but then he told us we finish at four thirty. This company seems real good. Don't work you like a dog, like most do now. It feels almost normal being home after work at this time. And what's even better, no Sheldon or Stephan. That's a bonus. I get to get up before their up, go to a good job all day, come home to nice peace and quiet, and they won't be back till after I'm asleep. Yahoooooo! It's almost like not having them here. Right now I'm trying not to be anoyed because of Sheldon. I felt good when I came home so I decided to clean up. Sheldon has my wet vac with water in it from a week ago, didn't clean it and there was mold all in it along with all the other shit. Took me about a half hour to clean. Then I try to find the hose attachments. That took about another 15 minutes. Then when I'm vacuming I find all these cookies and pieces of chocolate all over under the couch cushions. Shreddies all under the couch. I feel like telling him to leave. I'm sorry, but I like living fairly clean. I'm not a fanatic, but yes I do like some order in my life. It took only about a half hour to clean the place, so what the hell is his problem? Why am I cleaning up his kids mess, and washing their dishes? I'm going to have a talk with this jerk again. I think I was right the other day when I told a freind that I thought part of my problem with stress was that I was around too many fucked up people, that were affecting my life. I think I'm right. There was Bob, and his down and out crew, and at home Sheldon and his chaos. Being around those two things all day is enough to drive anyone mad. At least this is so much better. I need to talk to Sheldon for sure, but I don't want to get nasty or mad. I have to remember that I needed him when things were rough, and his being here did help me out with the rent. I'll just try talking normal with him, but mention all the shit that I don't like being done here. I know he'll get emotional, he always does, but that's his problem. He seems to always take anything you say about him, negativly. It's like a big baby, and you need to almost talk real gentle with him. Can't swear or anything like that when your telling him. What I mean is I can't say what I want. I had to get back on here again. Bob just sent someone saying to call him, and I did. He agrred to the money I told him he owed me. Didn't say he was wrong, but agreed to give me the money I said. I can't beleive that. Bob, agreeing to give money. Boy, that prayer sure did work today. Thank you, Lord.