Feeling alot better today. Had a good sleep for a change. No tossing and turning for hours. That's great. I hope the worst is over, but I feel leary about it. Sometimes you can be alright one minute, put something wrong in your body and then be all buggered up again the next minute. Have to watch things like caffein for now. I'm able to have a couple of coffee's now, but not too much. That can get my head all wired up and bring back the headaches. supposed to work with Bob today. He said 8am so that probably means 11 or so. That can piss me off at times. The Clonazepam really seemed to help yesterday. I still feel pretty weak, but that's to be expected. Each day I get a little bit stronger. My friends on here help me too. When I get writting, I find it takes my mind off how I feel, and I get thinking of others. That's good. I remember them teaching that in recovery. Get out of yourself, and think about others. You can't worry much when your thinking, or helping others, and sometimes it can make you grateful that you have what you have. Thank you Lord.