So tired today. I was foolish last night and stayed up until 6am this morning. Went to bed, and got up about 5pm, so I'm not feeling the best. Mad at myself for doing that too. Just stayed up on the computer messing around. Wasted the whole weekend. Oh well, at least I didn't get into troubl. I think Jimmy was happy to have me here the whole time. He's so adorable. He's been around me most of the time, just being a suck and wanting attention. When I'm on the computer, he gets on the table and lays in front of the screen. Just rolling around, being so cute. He's around me much more since Tim left. He cuddles more too. I was wondering before if he was happy being here, but now I see he definetly is. Well, not much to say here. Didn't do anything today, and it's getting late again. Bob asked me to work with him tomorow morning. I told him I would. That's if he shows up. He has a bad habbit of making you wait all day, but he told me that even if he doesn't show up for any reason, he will still give me money. He did that last Saturday. I phoned him early like he said, but he never showed up. At least I got twenty buicks for it, but still it pisses me off spending my time waiting. Oh well, off to bed. Thank you, Lord. Amen