Today I feel tired, but very good. I couldn't sleep last night because I forgot my medication at Cathy's. I have to pick it up later today. I had a good talk tho with God, and he helped me to figure out some things that were bothering me. Gave me some answers that I needed in order to move on with some things. I'm so glad that God is in my life now. It's really so much easier. I wish everybody could have it, but I know it's something you need to seek, and I have sought him very hard. I needed to. Anyway, I feel today is going to be very good. Not sure what God has in store, but I'm ready for anything he wants to show, or teach me. Just thought I would write a few lines this morning. Mostly I want to thank God so much for his insight. He really helped me with some issues, and made things more clear. I thank you Lord for being in my life. Please teach me, show me, and give me the courage and faith that I need throughout the day. Help me to be a blessing to you, and help me to reflect your glory. Thank you. Amen.