Well, today went a little more well. Keeps getting, just a bit better. Bought a lot of vitamines and other things to get back in shape again. Legs still a little weak and sore, but alright. I bought a lot of stuff tonight. So good what you can do with money when you don't need a pill. I bought a lot of cat food, mostly. I want to take care of Jimmy well. He's such a good cat, and freind. I feel pretty good. Paid of the hospital bill, and Rogers, as well as shut the account I opened before, that I never even used. That cost me twelve bucks for nothin. Oh well, still have lots of money. It's not bothering me tho. I get thoughts about drinking, but not the pills. The thoughts of drinking are to be in a nice place with good people having fun, but I know that never happens, so no use to even entertain that idea. Besides I don't think I want to gamble again. It gets harder to pull yourself out as you get older. I don't think I have another in me. Besides this is far better, so far. I'm enjoying it. Going to go to the gym now. Thank you Lord.