Well, the guy downstairs, I let him share the internet cable, but he didn't pay it at the end of the month. Last night I decided thats enough. i took his cable and through it out the window. Not mad or nothing, just that if ya don't pay you don't get. Anyway, I came home and seen the cable back in. I thought Nope. I went downstairs to tell him to stay outa my place, but he wasn't home. Dan and Carlos were, and I told them to tell him. Then Dan decides to pay me the dollar fifty he was supposed to pay last week for cigarettes. Hell, I was waiting for him to ask again. If it takes you that long to pay a dollar fifty, I don't know. These guys are like that tho. Anyway, I went back upstairs and took his cable back out to throw out the wibndow again, but I seen it was cut. He came up to talk to me after abit. Tried giving me some song. i just told him. It's the ninth. He had nine days to talk to me. He said he would get the money by Friday. I told him it's ten bucks more just to keep ahead now. No money, no computer. Then he asked if I knew how the wire got cut. I said I didn't know. I guess crazy Karl, or the other guy saw the wire on the ground and cut it. Don't know why, or nothing about it, but that's life in the fast lane. Anyway, work went well. The turkeys are in so now the fun starts. The chef will be doing some overtime, and I guess I will next week. Thank God, I got my strength back. I couldn't imagine doing overtime the way I was, I tell you. Don't ever want that shit again. Thank you God.