Today seems a little funny. The weekend is winding down, and back to work tomorow. Felt like I just got through the weekend, instead of really enjoying it. I guess it's just the way it is. I can't do much right now. Financially I'm still catching up, so I don't have money to spend on things like movies and stuff. It's only a temporary thing. I know it's going to be better soon as long as I try to do the right things, and that is all I can do. I am enjoying things tho. I'm not depressed or anything. i don't think there's nothing wrong with wanting better for yourself. So the weekend just wasn't exciting. We went to the market, I visited some people, played on the computer, did some cooking. I changed around some furniture in my livingroom. That was kinda exciting. Looks a lot better, and gives me more room. All I did was change the table that I had in front of the window, and move it to where the boohshelf was. I didn't trust that bookshelf at all. It was so unstable. I was surprised that it took the weight that it did. I was going to throw it out, but then I needed somethin g to replace the other one. actually it worked out perfect. It looks good, and I can put my files and stuff on it, and it's a lot less weight. I won't have to worry about it calapsing. Some of Tim's defects are starting to show. Nothing major, just a minor anoyance. He's a whiner. He seems to whine about a lot. Now that Bob has fixed the heat, I find it's working nice. It's warm all the time now, especially in the morning. I have to open the windows now tho, but that's still better. Now we can be warm and have fresh air too. I like it. Sure better than before when it took a week for your towel to dry, and you froze your willy off in the morning. But Tim, instead of being grateful and seeing all the good, he starts whining that it's too hot now. I find it a little anoying, especially how he goes on about it, and the extent that he goes. He even went around putting magazines over the vents so they won't blow as much heat. I really find this a little amusing, as well as foolish. Tim I have learned is a very self centered person. He thinks that everything revolves around him, and his emotions. I don't say too much about it, because I feel that he needs to deal with it in his own way. I will only say something when it seems to be getting out of hand. A little while ago he was going on and on about the heat, and how it was affecting his comfort. I got tired of it, and just told him he was a whiner. I didn't say anything else. Just let him chew on that awhile. I don't feel bad or anything for saying it. I beleive that we need to hear the truth in these kinds of things. It would have been wrong for me not to say anything. We need to hear the truth. I know sometimes it doesn't feel good, and may even hurt us, but it's the truth that sets us free. I feel good about it. i did it in a nice way. Just simply said it, and left it at that. The rest is up to him. Anyway, just kinda relaxing this day. Baking a cake right now, and looking foreward to eating it tonight. Yum!