Yesterday was really good, except that I spent about at least a half hour writting my journal and forgot to save it. Work went well. I did practise putting my emotions aside. I find that really does help. I also complemented the chef on his profesionalism that I have noticed over the past few days that I've been back. that is a little hard doing, but I didn't mind. He has an ego, and I don't like stroking ego's like that, but in this place saying good things seems a rariety. It was very true, and I know I appreciate when people tell me good things I'm doing. i took care of all my bills that were pressing. I also had a talk with Dillon yesterday. That was very good. Very honest, and strasight up. I think I'm understanding what he's been talking about. He often mentions the concepts of recovery. What it basically is is doing the steps without any one particular form of recovery. It's the same as A.A. the steps, but much more direct and to the point. Well, gotta go. Lord, please help me to be the person you want me to. Help me to use what you have taught me, and to keep open to what you will show me. Thank you. Amen.