Ohhhhh. Today a bit sore from doing that job last night, but feeling good. It sure was a big differance from before. Worked really good, and feel good about it. Nice to have a little money in my pocket too. It was funny last night too. Tim doesn't know how to cook. Because I was going to work, I didn't have time to make something. I still had stuff in the fridge. Tim decided to use the left over spaghetti. He didn't ask me about parmessan cheese. He seen a bag in the kitchen he thought was it, but it was an unmarked bag of mashed potatoes and he put it on his sphaghetti. I did my best not to laugh about it. Anyway, I think today is going to be good. I feel like I'm over a big hump, and that things are going to get better. The not drinking is definetly helping. booze just knockes the hell out of me, and takes so much out of me. Over the past while I did drink a few times when I was feeling so bad. Didn't drink much, only a few beers, but it really does have a bad affect on me. Just changes everything so fast. I don't want to drink, and I feel alright about that. It's so much better without it. Looking foreward to Dillon tonight, and off to work now. Thank you, Lord.