Boy, today was a little trying at work. I've been feeling pretty tense and uptight the last couple of days. Right now I find being around people can be anoying. I know it's part of what I'm going through. I've been doing not bad with it, but I did blow up at this guy at work. He put a gallon jug in the fridge with the lid not on. I was in the fridge and went to move it and it dumped all over the fridge. I just looked at it, and thought, I gotta spend fifteen minutes more cleaning all this shit because of this@%$&*#*. I just started swearing. I couldn't beleive that someone could be that stupid. I got shit after, and I apologized in the washroom. I know he's a little slow, but my patience and tollerance just are not the best right now. Fuck it. Even writting this is bugging me. Mayby tomorow. Goodnight.