Today was very trying. I was painting the basement of a house, and the people I work for are nuts. Great people, but nuts. i guess that them having their bussiness they feel they have to constantly say things. I suppose they do. I'm not in their shoes, so I don't know their side. All I know is that I know how to paint, and they drive me nuts trying to direct things, when they don't know really what their talking about. Oh, well, they are good people deep inside, and they always pay me for the work, and that's what counts right now. Gotta take the good with the bad. It was just a frustrating day. Even from the begining. I got of to a late start, so I'm going to bed now and hope for a better one tomorow. Thank you, Lord, for even this. I know there are lessons to be learned here, and I thank you for them. Amen