Yuk, woke up this morning feeling sick from no medication. I've been on painkillers for my hand for the past week. Yesterday I finished them, and today felt sick. Not to bad tho. Just a headach, feeling nousous, and some diareah. Just something that comes with it. I kind of look at it as a puppy dog sickness, compared to some of the other withdrwaels I've gone through in the past. I seen my Dr today for my hand. HE gave me a little more medication, but that's it. I'm just going to take very small doses so I can wean myself of. Being sick in any form is never easy or fun. It can really throw you off. Gotta go now for my other apt.  Be back soon.  Well back again. Today over all has been good. I seen my counselor at John Howard. We had a good talk. I find it helpful talking with him. I find I can be very honest with him. That's important to me. Lots of times I find others to be kind of superficial, or it just doesn't seem that I can openly share about things, but with this person I can. We talked about everything. I told him that I want to start trying to find out what I can do to get my licence back. That would help a lot financially. I have to keep it simple tho. If I start looking at everything it just gets to much. He was a person that first helped set up the program for getting your licence back, so I'm going to let him guide me through it. I know it will take some time, but at least I have a starting point now. For now all I'm going to do is get a copy of what fines I have, and start from there. I don't want to think of it much, because that just makes me feel like it's hopeless. I'm going to let him help me.. i got an E-mail from Georgette tonight. That was nice. It's her birthday tomorow. She seems like she's having fun, and that's good. I'm happy for her. Well, of to bed now. It was a good sober day today. Hopefully I'll get to a meeting soon. God, thank you for everything. Thank you for the people your bringing into my life. Thanks for D.S. and everyone there. Amen.