Well, this is it. Surgery is tomorow. It's nothing really major. Having a tendon transplant in my hand. I know everything will be alright. I'll get through stuff. Be nice to have someone with me, but thats not possible right now. I went through it before, and I'm pretty tough in going through shit. Just a big suck that would like someone there to hold my hand. God will be there, so I know it's alright. I'm such a nut about things. I was even telling Paul that I might still work tomorow, and I know that if it's possible, I will. I seem to have this thing about me that chalenges the normal limits. Perhaps it's called being short of brain cells? Anyway, I have good support of people here. I know that people care, and I'm not alone. I ran across a post tonight about people flirting and stuff. Kind of made me wonder about things. I did that long ago when I first came across this site. I was lonely. I didn't intentionally start out looking for anything, but it happened. I did meet someone that I became involved with. I don't regret it. I think I benefited a lot from the relationship. Of course there was heartach I don't think I would do it again because I want to use this site for recovery. I found that getting emotionally involved is pretty serious stuff when your trying to get straightened out. Sure it feels good to fall in love, but the emotions can be very powerful. In our state of early recovery, emotions aren't something to fool around with. they can be just as bad as a drug. In the beging of recovery, I think that it's best to focus on staying sober. Sometimes thats more than enough for us. I'm glad that I have my freind. She means a lot to me, but people that flirt or use this sight for pick ups... Well I just don't know. Don't think I want any part of that. I think there are sincere people here that care, and I'm happy with that. I thank you, Lord. Please be with me, and keep me safe. Bless all the people here, and help us to help each other. Thank you.