I am still sober. This has been the best thing that has happened in my life. I have been completly free of the obsession to drink. There have been moments where I have pondered the thought of drinking, but I quickly know that thats an impossibility for me. Those days are over and I know that. I know that any fun times that I may have had once with drinking are just memories now. I know that I definetly crossed that line that they talk about in A.A., where there is no going back, and I accept that with relief. i know that anything I thought once that alcohol did any good for me is just fantasy. i have such a new life now that I cherish very much. I have everything that I need and wanted. it's very simple, but it's a real blessing to me. Whatever extra that I might get in this life is just a gift that comes with being, and living sober. Thank you, God.