Just a quiet day today. I had to catch up on some rest. Had about an hour. Tried to watch some T.V. There was a movie on about a swat team. Seamed a little corny, so I came back here. Still thinking about Trish and the life she chose. Hopefully the love that I showed her will bring her back some day. I truly hope so. I'm going to a meeting tonight Really looking foreward to that. I need the spiritual replenishing of being with other recovering humans. Can't go too long without that. Today seems so quiet to me. I'm so used to being on the move that I find it hard having time to myself. Monday I need to see about a new social insurance number. Trish stole mine. I'm a little bit pissed about that, but only because of the inconvenience of getting another one. I'm not sure what she imtended to do with it. I suppose sell it or something. I hope that there's no reprocusions from it in the way of my identity or something. I've heard of that happening to people. I've trusted God this far, I'm sure he'll see me through this. My sweetie is sick to today and I miss talking to her, but I know she needs rest. After seeing the other side of active addiction I feel so grateful to have someone else that is in recovery. She's truly been a blessing to me. I'm going to get my three month chip tonight. Seems like three years. It's amazing all the things that can happen when we get sober. While drinking and using, time just seemed to go on. Everyday was just the same. Trying to make sure you could drink or use, that's all you did. Besides trying to take care of being sick all the time, or getting out of shit. So much has happened in these three months. I really have been living, and it hasn't been hard at all. Life is really good. Thank you God.