Wednesday, February 27, 2008

   Today was a great day. Work went well. When I got to the sobriety Center today there was a letter for me. I looked at it, it was from Dillon for when I go to court. This is what it says,  "Mr Ross has been volunteering at our center for aproximately 2 months, all the while living in sobriety. I have found James to be a very careing, honest and dependable gentleman who very much appreciates this chance he has been given at a new life. He has been a very active asset to our Center. His daily duties consist of cleaning, organizing, reaching out to the young people that frequent our Center. He has very much gained the respect of all he comes in contact with by sharing his own strugles with addictions. In this way he has helped many here. Sobriety is in agreement with James. He has found a new lease on life that he cherishes. He works well with others, and takes the time to reach out to everyone. The youth at the Sobriety Center have come to look up to James as a mentor and role model. I also have plans for James in my organization to work here as Group Facilitator, as he is at the top of my list of possibilities. We at the Center have come to lean on James, and we appreciate everything he has done for the Center. All the staff are extremly proud of all his achievements in his new design for living."      Not to shabby for only a couple of months sober. Letters like this and knowing that people respect you, are everything to me. It really means so much to have people say nice things now. Thank you Lord for all you've done, everthing that I am now, and have are all because of you. Thank you so much.