Today is a good day. Work went well. Got a little anoyed with the sous chef at the end. When I finished I went to get changed and forgot to puch out. I was only about twenty seconds in the washroom when I remembered and went back to punch out. He was there and said to me I should puch out before I go in to change, then said I do it often. I told him that he could go to the manager if he wanted and ask him to dock me twenty seconds for it. It bugs me when people have to be so stupid and just look for anything to say, just for the sake of saying something. I had just worked my ass of rushing to do everything and didn't need a stupid comment like that. Oh well, if they want to make issues of it, go ahead. Otherwise everything is good. I went to the hotel today and payed for the room for my little getaway. That was nice, so everything is set. I got a neet valentine's day on my G-mail too. That was good. I haven't gotten a card from anyone in so long. On my way back to the Sobriety Center, I seen this guy on the street telling everyone to fuck off. I've seen him a few times. Looked like he was on something. I talked to him and brought him back to the center for a coffee. I mostly wanted to just get him off the street because he was scaring some women. He didn't want to stay tho. Seems hard finding people that really want recovery. We all fight like hell against the good things.  Yesterday I was getting mad about this other guy who comes here. He wanted to borow $5.00 from me last week, which I gave to him. He said he would pay me back the next day. I told the other staff that he wasn't allowed back here until he paid what he owed. Just because I'm in recovery, doesn't mean that I'm a mark for sympathy. Some people think that and try to usu your niceness to borrow money and stuff. Later I seen him and he said he forgot about it because of his memory problem. He tried to hang himself a long time ago, and apparently has trouble now remembering things because of it. I forgot he told me about that. Anyway, I told him that he had to still pay. He left $4.00 today, so I guess it's alright. I need to really be careful about lending things here. Sometimes it's really amazing here when you try to be nice and help them. The other day a guy was cleaning the snow of the roof. I've known him for abit. Asked for my lighter to have a smoke outside. I gave it to him, and told him make sure I get it back. Next thing I know he's gone, and so is my lighter. But I had another lighter still. Another guy who works here comes in, he needs a lighter. I told him very clearly that I just lost one and I wanted it back. Next thing I know, he's gone with my lighter. I swore for abit because I had to go out in the cold to a store to get another one. Well, I need to also be grateful for people like that, pisses me off, but I need to still love them. I thank you so much, Lord for giving me another day clean and sober. Thank you.