I am having a time trying to come to terms with my past and my future and looking at where I am right now ,,,right at this moment in history,,, my history,, and it is a puzzle without a picture ,,,,,I have done ok,, not a millionaire or even moderately successful but I have gotten on with what I needed and that is fine,,, there are others who are dead or have it much harder and struggling day to day,,, and there seems to be more of them as the days and weeks pass,,,,
I belong to a very different age ,,, a time the like of which are long past and out of sync with everything that is currently around me ,,,,, there is little that seems to make any sense and still remains meaningful in this age of bewilderment,,, values have changed, meaning has changed, things have become expedited to no purpose,, it would seem that most of MY great heros have given up the ghost willingly or otherwise,,
People who are just 50 and plus have all but given up,,or are in positions that they hate with a passion,,, few I know are truly compatible with their current world but are stuck in something that they do not like nor understand .. including myself,,,
I have worked in careers that have striven to aid people in living issues at one level or another ,,,, those seem to be virtually disappeared from the current world with very few exceptions ,,,, I have heard and met endless people with great skill sets and at an advanced age there is nothing left to look forward to and they struggle till there end days,,, life was not meant to be lived like this ,,, and certainly not in America,, I cannot imagine what conditions will be like in 30 or 50 years ,,and I am satisfied that I will be long gone before I have to see it ...
Perhaps  things will change for the better ,,,one can only imagine the day that flying pigs will start reciting passages from Shakespeare as well,,