4:13 still up, wanna talk?

do ya remember me complainin about my emergency cell phone?  well they sent a new sim card, Pedro helped me activate it and then he said it wasn't working properly, something about tower interference and how they didn't check the other day for updates..........because they did not do this diagnostic update test they would now have to send me another new SIM CARD.  of course.
i don't think there is just one Pedro sitting in this room.  i think that everybody in this dept agrees to be called Pedro during their work shifts.  go ahead and laugh, i really believe this........they sit there and take these calls day in and day out ALL pretending to be Pedro, the Manager.  They stall service by being as inefficient and kooky as possible.  Sam wants to strangle Pedro, he would have to out-ninja a lot of Pedros to achieve this goal.......they produce them the same way Lay's makes chips, they just keep making more.
all i need is an inexpensive cell phone for emergencies that has a bigger face/numbers and no fancy confusing anything else, just a basic phone.  that's all i need.  cheap and basic.  no not yet, in all honesty i still have over 1000 minutes and 428 days of service to use up first.  not gonna throw my money away, mad or not.  land line costs for those on disability is pretty inexpensive w/most carriers in most states.  also an fyi, cell phone companies also offer great discounts to disabled customers. 
now there's a money maker, if we all contributed money saving and or energy saving tips to others with disabling conditions, how to adapt and so forth........it there a dummies guide out there now that is easy to flip through and find out practical basics and recommendations?  we could make a bunch of money and buy homes in Italy for summer escapes.................wow, lost it..........fun huh!  there are homes in Guardia, Italy for sale for $20,000 and less that are move in ready.  i want to don't you??????????  i don't even have a passport, but hey, i'm not too old to learn a new trick am i?  a girl can forever and ever dream......it's not all ashes yet.
if you were here would you help me bake some brownies or cookies?  actually what i really want??????  i have this recipe for Crumble Cake........it reminds me of coffee cake, lots of cinnamon and brown sugar. 
once you mix up the batter you pour half in the pan and sprinkle the topping and then add the rest of the batter and more streussel topping, we could add pecans or chocolate chips and get really crazy and make some butter cream frosting........somebody stop me!   this is like being a ten year old at a sleep over.  ridiculous, but hard not to smile..................i've slept the greater part of this whole week, so maybe i should enjoy this more and worry less.........................................thank the Lord for the nighttime, don't forget the day, something like that!  nite again........to sleep, perchance to dream.



Whelp, here we are, up and attum, (well UP) anyway.......I\'d be happy to go some Island in the middle of nowhere and eat crumble cake with you. I\'m sure there\'s a \"dummies\" book for us to read while we\'re slurping down our cake!

Wonder if Pedro would like to come?? Mayhaps, perchance????

I\'ve seriously considered giving up the landline. I only use my cell phone for when I\'m actually out of the house. Got a sick kid, need to be reachable 24/7. I\'m still thinkin about it!

Actually the \"dummies\" book is a really super idea. When I first got sick I bought a \"CFS for dummies\" book! One of the best ones I\'ve ever read. Gives you all the basics, right down to what to expect from those who don\'t \"get it\" and what to eat, what kind of doctor to see! It was a real big help, and I can see it on my dresser right now.

Actually, I think if we all just got together and talked to each other, like we do here, it would be all most of us need. That connection with other disabled folks. We\'d have stories to tell, remedies to share, FOOD to eat!!!! LOL...back to that crumble cake in my head again. Much to early in the a.m. for that.

Hope you get yourself back to bed soon, sweetie! Me too! Why really do try, don\'t we???

I have a recipe for cardamom pistachio quickbread I\'ve been wanting to try. We could throw choc. chips in that!

Maybe it had something to do with the moon. I went straight through the same night without sleeping at all. I do that every now and then. Like tonight. I was washing windows at night and my Hubby said I was crazy and I said \" I may suffer from insanity and I love every minute of it\" LOL What\'s the big deal, bet they look good tomorrow. I made him sleep in his chair tonight (1:00) so I could hang the clean curtains in the bedroom. Maybe I am crazy. Naomi xo