A New Day

My demons must be on vacation today.  I'm feeling quite well despite the craziness of the weekend.  Despite the torturing they put me through at times, I can feel they are getting weaker and me strong.  I've been deep in scripture and prayer.  These things empower me and the demons know that they can be defeated if I keep faithful in these habits.  Still, these demons are not stupid because they attack me at night when I'm defenseless and tired.  They know that it's difficult for me to fight when I'm weary.  Little things come up.  Little tauntings and redicule, but I don't listen anymore and ignore them.  Man, how the demons hate it when I ignore them.   Today is a good day and I will strive to make more of these days tangible.  I know by saying these things, that's when the attack.  That's when they will try and bring me down, but I'll be ready for them.  I'll be ready for them.