Quickie update (I'm at work!)  I went to the gym last night.  Ran/walked for 26 minutes for a total of 2.7 kms.  Then, I did one of my strength training routines.  The gym was only open until 9, so I bribed the dude at the counter with a free beverage of choice at the cafe if he would let me finish my routine.  He was all over that.  (We make great smoothies!)   I'm pretty famous at that gym I guess - I'm treating two of the personal trainers with herbs, and they've been telling lots of people about me.  I'm just nervous/disappointed in myself, becuase I still have a bit to go physically, and I think some people can't get past that to see me as an effective health practitioner - if only they knew me 8 years ago - they wouldn't recognize me at all!  I hate how biased people can be, myself included, toward people who are chubby/overweight!! K, back to work!!!