Have not been here in a long time. No excuses. Someone has tried very hard to help me overcome some of my problems. Went to my parents home for the first time in many years. My father was old but unchanged, my mother was very ill and died a week later. I did not belong there anymore. My friiends daughter lost a tiny unborn child,I never meet her but I feel responsible. My efforts to be human have failed, i don't belong out in the light, I ll go back now where I do belong



Joe you silly, lovely man. Look at it this way.
1. Someone is trying to help you.
2. You bit the bullet and went to see your parents. Your dad would have appreciated it-if he was a nice guy-if he was a bastard your mum would have been thrilled you made it home in time to say goodbye. You feeling responsible for sad loss of baby is bullshit-you never meet her you say, so how can you be responsible?
You have not failed Joe-you have difficult things in your life but I think there is no such thing as failure if you keep trying.
You know I love you and i always will-you have been a lovely friend when I needed one and I am always here for you.
Love always