Today I told my mom that I wasn't interested in persueing a career in medical assisting anymore. I saw the disappointment. I know that it's too hard for me. Plus the fact it's not a reliable job what so ever. I feel stuck. I basically just want to find some company or resort or something that has room to grow. So I can start out small and slowly apply to something better and better until I'm happy. Basically like what my mom did at Fred Meyers. She started out stalking shelves and now she works in the main office. This economy is basically screwing any hopes of that over. I either work at fast food. Or go to college and play another gambling game at getting a career. Either way I will always be broke. Whether I'm living paycheck to paycheck or ...yeah living paycheck to paycheck because college loans are eating me away...Or I don't get the job as always and I'm now homeless.  WTF? I suddenly find myself having no good options...Fuck I'm screwed.