Dear Friend19,
You are a failure...Your life is pathetic you can't do anything right. You can't even keep a real friendship together. Your low self esteem offends people with your actions and constant paranoia. You can't hold a job. You have no money, no future. Your alone. Pathetic. Useless. Unwanted. Unloved. Annoying. Garbage. A waste of air and space. You lie to yourself and to others. You want to be alone, you want company. You can't make up your mind. Just go away.



I\'m so so sorry you are feeling this way. I can so totally relate to the low self esteem with not being able to have a job, have money, feel unwanted, unloved and a waste of air and space. I totally understand those, and I know, for me, the stupid depression makes me feel those things, along with circumstances. However, I find you to be intelligent, kind, thoughtful, and so very much belonging in the human race. I am not a bit scared of being around you, worried that you are a cancer. As a matter of fact, if I could, I would give you a real hug....but since that isn\'t possible at this time, I am going to give you cyber {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} and defy the thought of you being a cancer!

Hang in there sweety....please....


Sweetheart, no. You are absolutely beautiful and amazingly talented. I completely understand how you are feeling as I have the same feelings quite often. But Kaino is right, you are so far from those horrible things you\'ve said about yourself! Did something happen? Please know that I am here if you want to talk. It makes me sad to see you like this :(

I hug you.


You are my friend, you are a wonderful, kind and amazing person.

I am so happy and proud we are friends, you have always, always been so kind and nice to me, you are a truly good person.

You have never offended me, you have only ever made me feel better about myself that you would be my friend.

You are very much wanted, you are a good person, I wish you could see it.

You future will be better, I know it is so hard, but you will find happiness.

It is so hard now for people, and it is so much harder for you as you have a horrible illness that gives you a crappy distorted view of the world. I wish I could change that, or as I say let you see you how I, or your other friends see you. A lovely, kind, bright, passionate, artistic, good, friendly, funny, sweet young lady with a bright future, sadly yes, stuck in a horrible situation, but one which totally isn\'t your fault and one that I hope changes soon.

Massive hugs for you.


You are my friend, and truly I consider myself lucky that you are.


So thank you for being my friend!!



wow, that was a nasty e-mail. I don\'t agree with any of it, i like you just how you are you is my friend and i really enjoy chatting with you, so that is how they wanna be then their loss not yours

Dear Friend: Who\'s voice do you hear, in these moments? Truth is, it\'s not your voice. I\'ve had and still have these feelings - from time to time.

Please remember, and listen to all those who know you - and disagree with these voices -

Hugs full of kind caring.