Today's topic: Watch my thoughts; and am I controling them...? I HIGHLY recommend all my Journal friends to get a copy of .............."You Can Feel Good Again" by Richard Carlson.......... The information is critical for our recovery! It's a TOOL that I've been needing all along, and I'd like to know how many of you it helps. I know that "Codependent No More" and "Beyond Codependency" are basic ways to identify what behaviors are causing your problems, but this one tells you about your thinking 'behaviors', what you may be doing unconsciously. I'll try to keep a list of who gets it amongst our friends so I stop 'harping' about it all the time (). It is seriously good info. Simple and direct. I still have my slipups, but I'm feeling alot better, quickly.Rich-Heart OXOXOXOXOXOXOX As for my sobriety goal...I actually stopped again on Feb. 10th, but the calendar wouldn't let me go back to Feb.