Well, I did it and it is a fact.....I opened the basement door and ran out of the cluthes of despair and hopelessness.....yyyeeeesssss!!!!    Now I need to burn it for I don't stumble in the dark and fall back down the stairs again!   It is amazing how different I can look at life when I am in the light!  Of course "you know who" isn't happy about my recovery back to the land of the living, so I have been zapped with a very nasty cold and I hurt from head to toe from my Hep C buttttt......because I am out of the depression I think I can just fake my way through all these other aliments thrown at me.   I can handle the ackes and pains and trobbing but all that mental stuff throws me for a loop.  Ohhhhh thank God I am feeling good today......yahooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!   Love to you all and thanks for all the support.  oxoxoxox