Prayer request. I'm really upset right now. I'm really unhappy at my job. I have been for a long time but because money is a necessity I have not made any changes. I just found out that I made $200 less this month in commissions then I did last year this time.  Since my budget is based on last years sales it is a pretty hard hit.  I'm very upset and have spoken to my boss in the past about this but he makes it sound like it is my fault.  I HATE THIS FUCKING JOB! Things just keep coming up at work to upset me and I just really want out. I don't know what to do. Please pray for me. Another prayer request is for this month. The line up this month is just overhwelming. Actually the line up for the next couple of months. It makes me almost sick to my stomach to think about it all. This Friday is Rob's birthday, Saturday my sister and her boyfriend fly in from Vermont, Tuesday is my birthday (30th which is enough stress by itself), Saturday the 15th I take the PRaxis(the big test for teachers - can't be a teacher if you don't pass), March 23rd is Easter, March 30th is my husbands birthday. All the while I'm taking my second Master's course. I feel like I'm going to melt down.Pray for me I need it so much right now.