So Ia m going on another "stay-cation", but this time I am going with Rachael we are even staying in the same hotel room. We are going to Broomfield, somewhat close to Boulder, Colorado, we are going to go explore there. Maybe we will go one a hike with Neida and her boyfriend Grant and go to lunch or dinner in the city of Boulder. But I booked an awesome hotel... or corse one with a fully stocked minibar. It is the Interlocken Omni Resort & Hotel. Usually used for conventions and whatnot because of it's size and location. I can't wait to get there tomorrow. I have to go to the hospital and get my TB test, immunizations, flu shot and drug screen for my volunteer position. The appointment is a at 9:30 and thenI pick Rachael up and we are off to the resort to relax and rejuvenate. This is exactly what I needed and while I am there I need to study, study, study for my abnormal psychology test on Monday. 
I am going out for drinks with Andrea tonight, she gets off of school at 7:45pm which is so late but at least that means after drinks I will come home and go to sleep then wake up and begin my big day! I have to go make my dinner, goodnight.
Goodnight moon.