I don't know what to say. I am feeling better but I have been soaking myself in alcohol and pot for the past few days. School is over and I think I failed one of my classes and I am ok with that, the other class is giving me ample amount of time to complete that course. I have to pick up katie, Maddie and Jay up at the airport this evening and then I thing that Katie and Maddie go to Crested Butte tomorrow. I have to go to work tomorrow. I almost wish they would just let me go, or I could just tell them that I am not coming in anymore. I still have not gotten them my pay sheet yet, I need to do that. I think that I am going to have my alcohol certification by now, but if I don't then I need to do something, because I don't want to be a stand worker anymore. I think that pouring beer will be just fine for now, until I get the job with the dean or another, seemingly better job. I am watching a great movie, so I better know. 
Goodnight moon.