I think that today was an odd day. Katie and I went to go see Jacqui's new house and we took two cars because Katie was leaving right after seeing the house and Jacqui and I were going to go to IKEA for their grand opening. We got kinda high before we went and the entire drive I don't think that there was much said... I think we were too high. I am drinking my Champaign and I had some steak for dinner. Soon I am going to smoke some pot and hopefully have a good night sleep. 
Although that did happen Jacqui and I went tot the new Harry Potter movie and I didn't like it but I have not followed H for some time now. I am glad to have a friend like Jacqui. She is one of those people people that if you wanted/needed to go out she would go even if she was working the next morning at 6. She's a good pure friend and person. Many people in this world I would not expect to end up with as a good friend. 
I will talk more with you tomorrow. 
Goodnight moon.