I think that I just agreed to watch Katie's dog for the entire weekend (from Thursday-Sunday). I didn't even know that Katie was leaving this weekend. I think that she may be going to another wedding, this one out of town. I'm kinda sad. I don't like to be used like this. I am tired and I feel intellectually weak. I just finished a post for one one of my online class and tomorrow whenI go into school (to fake as if I was going to a class) I'll start working on my paper for my other class which was extended for me and the extension was due today. I need to get that to her and then there are two more papers due in the other class. Thankfully, both instructors are very understanding so I think that I am ok for right now. Especially in my political science class. 
I bought a couple of books, one is a psychology book about bipolar and the other is "The Help" which I am looking forward to reading before the movie come out. I got a cool notepad and day planner as well. I am going to go get to all that now. 
Goodnight moon.