I don't know why I write infrequently now. I am almost off all of my medication, but I will be staying on the lithium. I am on 100mg of seroquel now instead of the 800mg and I am only taking 1mg of a benzo at bedtime. I don't know if this is going to make me manic again... I really don't want to crash again. I am working for aramark and coor's field, the Colorado Rockies. I don't like it too much because it is the food service industry and I am not too into that. i wanted to be a bartender and got hired on as a beer pourer. However, I can't work anything regarding alcohol until I have something called the TEAM certification, somewhat like TIPS certification. I think that my test results came back today so Wednesday I will have to see what happens when I get back to work. I feel somewhat sick to my stomach right now and I don't know what to do. I am just going to try to keep it down...lol. I am going to a baseball game with some friends tomorrow evening and I know that there will some drinking and I hope that I don't get sick. Like I said earlier I have to work Wednesday and I don't want to go in hungover. Neida has to work at the bank in the morning so she is in the same boat I think that I am just nervous because I am feeling sick now. 
So I just threw up and that made me feel a lot better actually. I am watching a lifetime movie. I should be working on my school work but I have no motivation and working now lowers my motivation to do my schoolwork. I know that school is the most important thing and as my dad has told me, it's my first priority. Something tells me that that I may not want to keep this job for too much longer, it simply does not fit me in some ways and in others I really enjoy it. I am so confused about it. In a couple of weeks it will be over in a way because baseball will be done and I can put this position on my resume for future interviews. In the meantime I will keep looking and applying in other positions. 
I'm gonna watch my movie, I will check in later!
Goodnight moon.