Last night I made hotel reservations in Crested Butte for the fourth of July weekend. I booked through a high school friend at his parent's hotel in town. He gave me a deal at about $100 per day which is an excellent deal especially for that weekend. I want to keep the reservation but I know that my mom doesn't want me to go.. I think it's because of the money more than any other issue. I am looking forward to it. Tomorrow morning I have an interview with a store in the mall called Teavana. I don't know if I'll even get a position, but I am sure if I am offered a position they are going to want me to work or train or something next weekend. I want to go do my thing next weekend! I also want to take a $5,000 bond and deposit it to my account and use it until I get into a job or the position as the assistant to the dean of students. This Tuesday I will be returning to on campus courses and will also be continuing my online courses as well. 
This next week should be very interesting. I'm looking forward to having a fun time. I am hoping that AJ (Jay's dad) asks my mom to CB for the fourth so we'll all be there and it'll be fun. I had some time and thought I would come a write for a moment. But I am going to go relax again. 
Goodnight moon.