Even with my mental background I am so motivated to run for city council in the next election. I want to be a part of something bigger than me and my life. I also think that it would be a great way to distract myself from my own issues. I have always found that when I am very busy I lose the feelings of depression and anxiety. Although, there is always a little anxiety going into anything. I am meeting with Samantha Ortiz-Shriver, the dean of students and the vice chancellor of academic affairs. I want to talk to her about being a student assistant/intern. I want to work with my university in a different way. I want to work with the administration this time to help students and make change. When I was a part of the student government we did things for the students but we did it without their knowledge and without them knowing it or the outcome. 
I am very much interested in politics and I would like to go to graduate school at the grad school of public affairs. I think that working for the university on a volunteer basis now will help me in the coming year when applying to CU grad school. I don't know if I will get in with my academics. With my illness I have taken hits, major hits, to my transcript. I used to be so involved in almost everything available, and now I want to get back to that mindset now that I am coming almost all the way off of my medication and I am exercising and becoming alive again. Bipolar disorder has ruined me and now I have to pick myself up alone, I have to do it myself or it simply wont get done. 
With what has happened in public office in the past and what is happening now in politics I am still motivated to begin my road in politics. Sometimes I waver from wether or not I want to pursue a career in politics. I attempted psychology and the I failed at that, and I admit that it was very difficult and too challenging for me at the time. But, it is not the fact that it is challenging, because I can do it if I want to. Yet, I also don't have the passion for that area however, I have always loved politics and I have always desired to move into government. So I will do just that. 
Goodnight moon.