I suppose that my diet is working with weight watchers, I love 6.5 pounds in a week and I am still going strong. Tomorrow I am looking forward to going on a long bike ride from my house in the highlands to maybe my dad's house in the DU neighborhood or to his office in cherry creek. I haven't done this ride in a long time and I hope it works me out. I'll also try to make the spin class tomorrow. However, it's at 10am and that might impede on my bike ride. Though, either way I will be getting some good exercise in. I love this and I am going to keep doing it. I found some photos of me when I went to college freshman year and I was so thin and attractive and I want to go back there... looks wise. 
My mom and I went to see bridesmaids today. For me it was the third time and just as good as the first. I went with Rachael last night and she ended up not havig enough money and I had to pay for her ticket. I know that I shouldn't have but, I really wanted to see the movie an I wanted to share it with another person. We got somewhat high before going so that made things a bit funnier.
I want to open a bank account with Wells Fargo and leave TCF Bank simply because they don't have locations nation wide. And, if I go somewhere and have a problem I like to have my bank there with me.
I uploaded some old photos of myself, friends family and others this afternoon after going through so many photos that we have shoved in the basement because we have just not wanted to look into the past, but for some reason today I brought the bin upstairs and then started to look and then mom joined in too. 
I am on a slight break before Summer classes and I really don't know what to do with my time. My mom wants me to do housework and I am going to exercise a lot and try to get a jump start on this losing weight stuff! I can only do my best so that is what I will do. I need to lose this weight, fee good and look good. This means getting off of all these medications so my body can come back to life and thrive. 
I cant get a job and I'm so frustrated. No one tells me why they wont hire me. I don't know if it is my bad credit or my mental health record. I know that theses records are confidential. I don't know what's going on anymore... I just want to work, I want a job of my own.
I think that is enough for this evening. Like always I will try to write tomorrow!
Goodnight moon.