Today mom and I went to the movies. We went to this new theatre which has complimentary popcorn and soda it was pretty cool. Then we ran around for a while and now we're back home. Mom's making dinner and it should be a good evening. 
On another note dad and I are going to meet up with Jeff and Kathy and their family in Blackhawk for lunch at Amaristar hotel and casino. Kathy wants to have lunch and gamble, but I have no money and am in no position to gamble away any money I do have or gain tomorrow. Yet it is almost embarrassing that I have no money that I can gamble. I hope that tomorrow when I present the documents to dad I hope that he will write me those checks right there. If he does it earlier I may be able to get some cash to gamble with.
I am watching the movie "The Good Son" so I am somewhat distracted from writing. I honestly can't believe that it is almost the week end here I need to do so much schoolwork to do. I better get to doing something. 
Goodnight Moon.



i hope to that dad signs the cheques huni.never be embarrased that u are poor.u are u wether ur poor or rich.dont be so hard on urself as true friends wont give a shit.