Yesterday I went home to my dad's house only to be greeted by my stepmother saying "Oh you're home" in her strong Vietnamese accent and horrible English, and then she slammed her bedroom door as I walked up the stairs. She walked around the house that evening with her laptop while she used her web cam to show her friend the house back in VN. She aso blasted the speakers while she was in the hallway next to the TV that I was watching. I don't know if she is simply stupid, ignorant or if she is just doing this to irritate me. I dont want her to think that she can control the household simply because I am spending more time at home with my mom. I feel badly for asking/telling my dad that I want or am going to go stay with my mom, it's as if I am leaving him for my mom. Last night when I told him that I was going back to my mom's house he asked me "Do you want to live there?" Not is a bad way, but simply saying that he would be fine with me switching households. I guess that is a nice feeling of relief, but I think that I do better scholastically at my dad's than I do at my mom's. But we'll see. I know that I failed one of my two classes this fall semester because I purposely threw my final paper under the buss and simply never completed it.
Again, I want to follow this passion of psychology. I want to learn more about the path of PsyD Doctor of Clinical Psychology. I am feeling dizzy from the withdrawals (I'm assuming that's the reason for it) so I am going to go.