I want a real career. I want to go and jump into the world. I love school and I think that its good to continue to learn no matter what. I want to contribute my education through the university level. I want to go into a government centered position and I know with that area continued education is key. School officially began today, but I only have Tuesday/Thursday classes at the school and the rest are all online intensive courses. I am hoping to not get pulled down into depression this summer.
I changed my cell phone number so none of my friends or that I thought were friends cannot contact me without my contacting them first. I was also getting a lot of calls from credit cards and i wanted to make that stop.
It is going to be so odd going back to school tomorrow! Only one class and a lab, but still Ill be there, the class will be there and so will the instructor. Maybe I'll just take a xanax before class to settle down. The first day of classes are usually just speaking about course work expectation and what not.