Last night was a blank. I smoked pot with Rachael again and this pot totally took me down. I was practically disabled by it.  We ate dinner and watched a movie and then I stayed over at her house last night. I enjoy spending time with her again. I have appointments with doctors soon so I can fill them in on whats going on. I am tired from both the lack of sleep and the fact that I took both my morning and bedtime medication this morning because I forgot it last night. So I just took everything this morning. 
I am still feeling really depressed. I am spending more money then usual and I don't like that. I am enjoying my time with Rachael, but money is a problematic situation for me. I tried calling my mom this morning but  she never picked up. She has been sick lately. 
It is the end of my Spring break and I am wanting to rewrite some of my older papers for better credit. I think that I'll do it tomorrow after volunteering at the museum. I am excited to get there, I had some fun yesterday while I was visiting. I need to spend more time there, it gets me away and I am able to enter a different world for some time. I just don't want it to interfere with my school work, however now that  I am not in student government this would hold well as a good extracurricular activity. 
I dont know what else to write today. In a few hours I am going to go grab Rachael and I think we'll do something fun this afternoon. I just don't want